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Monday, 23 January 2017

Bang, Bang!

Sushi Go Party

There were a lot of new faces at IpBoG this week. Maybe it's the post-Christmas surge. Is that a thing? Maybe it's a thing. If you're reading this but you've not attended yet you should probably come along.

The Great ZimbabweI started off my night with not just Sushi Go, but Sushi Go Party. It's a game with a box so bad the rule book doesn't fit in and no one really understands how it's meant to be packed. Apart form this it's pretty much a variable Sushi Go, with different cards that you can swap in an out. It also means some of the cards are a little confusing if it's the first time you've seen them but we fumbled through alright.

Afterwards I played The Great Zimbabwe, published by Splotter Spellen who are usually known for their very long, complex Euros. This one however you can get through in under an hour. Once you get then hang of it it's a pretty unique and interesting game, even if it does have the low production quality that plagues Splotter games.

I saw a whole host of other games being played from the dice rolling of Tiny Epic Galaxies and King of Tokyo to the deduction of Spyfall and Mysterium. And also No Thanks! and Monikers. At one point there were games of Bang! and Bang! the Dice Game being played at the same time, it seems to have had a bit of an IpBoG resurgence of late.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The Amazing Rhinocerosman!

Secret Hitler

Who would believe it? Not even me if I wasn't self it with my own eyes! But the promise I made last week had come true and I've managed to write a blog post two weeks in a row.  Well, this week was a lovely week at Cult (but isn't it always?) with something like 25 lovely people playing lovely board games.

Rhino Hero
This week I played some more Orléans. It was still great. Justine and I drew for first place on points but she beat me on the tie break because she was further up the development track than me. Afterwards we played Rhino Hero which is a kids game that is a short of mix of Jenga and Uno. Alex hated it.

Mathew brought along Abandon Planet, a print and play he'd made of a Kickstarter project. Laminated and everything! Cath got in a play of the new game Grifters, set in the dystopian future of the Resistance and Coup.

Small World made it's reappearance after a long time away, that used to be an IpBoG staple a couple of years ago. People also played, among other things, Concordia and, of course, Secret Hitler.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Two Thousand and Seventeen


Oh wow, it has been a while since the last blog. Like a month. But in my defense Christmas and New Years meant there was a two week IpBoG hiatus.

I came along to the first IpBoG of 2017 with my new Christmas gift of Orléans, the super popular bag builder that was released all the way back in 2014. Although I don't think it was released in most places until 2015. And of course it's only just  2017 so really the game isn't as old as it sounds. In my mind it's still new and fashionable. It really is a great game even if I do say so myself. Everyone that reads this and hasn't played it really should come along and have a go on it, even if you've not been to IpBoB before. You wont be disappointed. And that's an IpBoG guarantee!

Not AloneAs well as Orléans I played a quick game of Bang! The Dice Game. I've always been a bit underwhelmed with Bang! so jumped at the chance to play this. My main gripe with the original is that for a game full of so much randomness it really can drag on way past it's welcome, if you'll excuse my mixed metaphor. The new version didn't disappoint and we got through a game in a timely 15 minutes or less as advertised by the box. Anyone still playing the original Bang! should burn the box (or bullet snakes case, depending on the version) and get the dice game, you wont be disappointed. And that's an IpBoG guarantee!

Other people were there of course, and other games were played. Danny whipped out Tragedy Looper for some two player action. Another table played a bunch of game includeing, but not limited to Not Alone and... okay, that's all I've got. I really need to try and take more photos to jog my memory. Next week, I'll do better. No guarentees.
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