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Monday, 30 March 2015

Tournament Day


We got sixteen people this week, so last week wasn't really the calm before the storm I was expecting. Unless you count the downpour of rain but I was talking about more of a proverbial storm.

King of Tokyo
As promised we started with a King of Tokyo tournament. We has three games going on at once. Everyone played a couple of rounds with their position in each game gaining them a certain amount of points. The five players with the most points played a final, winner takes all game. I personally did terribly, getting only a single point in both of my games. This, unsurprisingly, did not secure me a position in the final. Adam, Andy, Alex, Teacher Dan and Danny all got in but it was Teacher Dan that won that game, winning the tournament. Felixstowe Dan and I did the worst in the whole tournament and had to share our booby prize of a leek, generously provided by Teacher Dan.

Mike and Johnny turned up too late for the tournament and launched into a a game of Medici vs Strozzi which seemed to take them the whole evening.

Medici vs StrozziAfter the tournament I played a game of Biblios. Dan won by a landslide, obtaining three of the five dice. Afterwards we played No Thanks! and Phillip won that one.

The others played Pandemic with the On The Brink expansion and Lost Legacy. Me and Dan finished off the night with Star Realms and I won my first game of the evening, but it was Dan's first ever time playing it so I can't be too smug.

Next Monday is a bank holiday but IpBoG will still be happening. 7:30 start as always.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Birthday Tournament


Next Monday (the 30th of March) will be a year since IpBoG first started. As some sort of attempt at some sort of celebration we'll be having a King of Tokyo tournament. If you're not into King of Tokyo you can come down and play something else, the club will still be happening as usual but, if you want to see if your dice rolling skills are the best in Ipswich, then this tournament is the place to be.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Adjacent When Possible

7 Wonders

Numbers dwindled to just 12 this week. With next week being our one year's anniversary I'm guessing this is just the calm before the storm.

Kingdom BuilderThis week we started off with three groups. Dan brought Cutthroat Caverns which I was totally interested in playing again but totally missed out on. At the end of the game there was all to play for, whoever killed the next monster would win but it was Dan that made the fatal blow.

I'd brought Kingdom Builder. We played a couple of games with me winning the first and Matt storming ahead in the second. At another table Joe destroyed his opponents in King of Tokyo, winning five games straight.

King Of TokyoAfterwards, we played 7 Wonders with Babel, an expansion where you have the ability to place tiles that affect all players. I did terribly, not being able to get the resources I needed from my neighbours and coming last. At the end of the game everyone thought Matt had won, having played about ten resource cards but when we totalled up the scores, we found Adam had beaten him by two points and Dan had beaten Adam by another point.

While this was going on Mike had been playing Quantum. I left before it ended so I don't know who won but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Alex. Sorry Alex.

Next week will probably be some sort of King of Tokyo tournament (Joe is probably banned). More details to follow!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tabletop Day 2015

Tabletop Day happens every year and this year is no different. This time it falls on the 11th of April. An event is being held in Ipswich at The Thomas Wolsey from 3pm onwards. More details can be found on the Eventbrite page or the Facebook event.

Monday, 16 March 2015


No Thanks!

This week we got 16 people. This number seems so common it could quite well be the mean, medium and mode.

Agricola made its first ever IpBoG showing this week. It came fresh with a custom made foamcore token holder that Anthony had made just a couple of days before. From what I hear Danny mostly ignored farming and went big on improvement cards. This worked out well for him and he won the game.

I started off with Abyss. It looked like Dan was storming ahead, being the only player to get two locations. We totalled up the points and it ended up being closer than we thought, with Dan beating me by just two points.

While that happened Alex lost his first ever game of The Sheriff of Nottingham. Adam beat him, smuggling all sorts of contraband. Afterwards they played Skull and I think Adam won that too.

Star RealmsAfterwards we played a three player Star Realms. Although we only have a single deck, we reduce the starting cards to five scouts and a single viper and it still plays fine. I'd recently bought all four of the Crisis expansions and we mixed them into the deck. As well as adding extra ships and bases it also adds heroes, where the card isn't shuffled into your deck and you can trigger it once at any time, and events where, as soon as they're drawn, the event triggers and the action must be followed. Rather than using the  supplied cards for keeping track of the player's health, we used the Rounds app. It does a way better job. And while we're on the subject of apps, quite a lot of IpBoGers use Chwazi for choosing the starting player.

There was a game of Shadow Hunters where so many green cards were played they had to recycle the deck. Sadly I wasn't part of this game. Shadows ended up winning.

I finished up with a few games of No Thanks! while others played Love Letter. I don't remember who won No Thanks! but in one game Dan and I drew and both rejoiced in a shared victory.

Monday, 9 March 2015

It's All About The Green Cards

Shadow Hunters

This week I managed to bring my camera and also get the blog written. As well as fifteen people this week a few people from the university came along and asked if some of us would try out their prototype. I don't know much about it but the general consensus seemed to be that it was in early stages but was definitely better than some other games that have been played at IpBoG in the past (I'm looking at you Food Fight).

AbyssAbyss made its first appearance this week. This game is known for having pretty awesome artwork but having slightly lackluster gameplay. In my opinion, although the gameplay may not be ground breaking, it's still a solid game. Definitely better than some other games that have been played at IpBoG in the past (I'm still looking at you Food Fight). And also I won, beating Matt by a single point.

While we played this, Alex got out Five Tribes and pulled his usual trick of destroying everyone else playing, while another group played a bunch of shorter games; Yardmaster: Express, Coup, The Resistance: Avalon and Forbidden Islands.

Yardmaster: Express
Afterwards Dan lead an eight player game of Citadels, something I've vowed never to do again after having played a couple of games that really dragged. But they played to only six buildings and played their turns asynchronously as much as possible and seemed to race through the game with Dan winning. While waiting for that to end I played a quick game of Yardmaster: Express, this time with Matt beating me (and everyone else) by way more than a single point.

We finished up the night with a game of Shadow Hunters. This pretty much has to be my favourite hidden role game. The green cards just make the game. The game came down to three players, one of each Shadows, Hunters and Neutrals. I was the Shadow and was the first of the three to be taken out leaving both the Hunters and the last surviving Neutral player to win.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Two Weeks

Dead Of Winter

So, last week I didn't have my camera with me and, as we established in a previous blog entry, no one wants to see words without pictures, right? I think last week we got around fourteen people. And this week we got exactly fourteen people. A bit of a drop off from the twenties, but never mind, we will prevail once again, I'm sure.

FluxxLast week I got to play The Sheriff of Nottingham. I came in second with Alex winning as usual. Dan played a two player Small World with Gemma. I think Dan won but it was Gemma's first ever game, and Dan is notoriously ruthless (this may or may not be a true fact). The others played Pandemic and won, even though that game is notoriously ruthless.

After this we played a bit of Skull. Other Dan won. I think almost everyone was out of cards at the end of the game. There's always such a temptation to bid too high, but it's so satisfying when it pays off. Afterward we joined together to play a ten player game of Mascarade which Philip won. We finished off the night with Eight Minute Empire, with Alex winning as usual.

Power GridThis week I brought Dead Of Winter along. It was with a new group of players so we played the same scenario as last time. The game was not so forgiving this time however and, although we managed to identify and exile the betrayer, we had no chance of completing our the goal. Morale dropped to zero on the final turn of the game.

Dan had brought along Power Grid and that kept him occupied most of the night. I'm not sure who won but from what I hear Adam was ahead for most of the game. I think maybe a little too far ahead, which made him a bit of a target for the other players and he lost his lead towards the end.

The others played a bunch of games; Carcassonne, Fluxx, Skull and No Thanks! A few of us stayed to finish off the night with a couple of games of No Thanks! after Power Grid and Dead of Winter were done.
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