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Monday, 9 March 2015

It's All About The Green Cards

Shadow Hunters

This week I managed to bring my camera and also get the blog written. As well as fifteen people this week a few people from the university came along and asked if some of us would try out their prototype. I don't know much about it but the general consensus seemed to be that it was in early stages but was definitely better than some other games that have been played at IpBoG in the past (I'm looking at you Food Fight).

AbyssAbyss made its first appearance this week. This game is known for having pretty awesome artwork but having slightly lackluster gameplay. In my opinion, although the gameplay may not be ground breaking, it's still a solid game. Definitely better than some other games that have been played at IpBoG in the past (I'm still looking at you Food Fight). And also I won, beating Matt by a single point.

While we played this, Alex got out Five Tribes and pulled his usual trick of destroying everyone else playing, while another group played a bunch of shorter games; Yardmaster: Express, Coup, The Resistance: Avalon and Forbidden Islands.

Yardmaster: Express
Afterwards Dan lead an eight player game of Citadels, something I've vowed never to do again after having played a couple of games that really dragged. But they played to only six buildings and played their turns asynchronously as much as possible and seemed to race through the game with Dan winning. While waiting for that to end I played a quick game of Yardmaster: Express, this time with Matt beating me (and everyone else) by way more than a single point.

We finished up the night with a game of Shadow Hunters. This pretty much has to be my favourite hidden role game. The green cards just make the game. The game came down to three players, one of each Shadows, Hunters and Neutrals. I was the Shadow and was the first of the three to be taken out leaving both the Hunters and the last surviving Neutral player to win.

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