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Monday, 16 March 2015


No Thanks!

This week we got 16 people. This number seems so common it could quite well be the mean, medium and mode.

Agricola made its first ever IpBoG showing this week. It came fresh with a custom made foamcore token holder that Anthony had made just a couple of days before. From what I hear Danny mostly ignored farming and went big on improvement cards. This worked out well for him and he won the game.

I started off with Abyss. It looked like Dan was storming ahead, being the only player to get two locations. We totalled up the points and it ended up being closer than we thought, with Dan beating me by just two points.

While that happened Alex lost his first ever game of The Sheriff of Nottingham. Adam beat him, smuggling all sorts of contraband. Afterwards they played Skull and I think Adam won that too.

Star RealmsAfterwards we played a three player Star Realms. Although we only have a single deck, we reduce the starting cards to five scouts and a single viper and it still plays fine. I'd recently bought all four of the Crisis expansions and we mixed them into the deck. As well as adding extra ships and bases it also adds heroes, where the card isn't shuffled into your deck and you can trigger it once at any time, and events where, as soon as they're drawn, the event triggers and the action must be followed. Rather than using the  supplied cards for keeping track of the player's health, we used the Rounds app. It does a way better job. And while we're on the subject of apps, quite a lot of IpBoGers use Chwazi for choosing the starting player.

There was a game of Shadow Hunters where so many green cards were played they had to recycle the deck. Sadly I wasn't part of this game. Shadows ended up winning.

I finished up with a few games of No Thanks! while others played Love Letter. I don't remember who won No Thanks! but in one game Dan and I drew and both rejoiced in a shared victory.

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