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Monday, 2 March 2015

Two Weeks

Dead Of Winter

So, last week I didn't have my camera with me and, as we established in a previous blog entry, no one wants to see words without pictures, right? I think last week we got around fourteen people. And this week we got exactly fourteen people. A bit of a drop off from the twenties, but never mind, we will prevail once again, I'm sure.

FluxxLast week I got to play The Sheriff of Nottingham. I came in second with Alex winning as usual. Dan played a two player Small World with Gemma. I think Dan won but it was Gemma's first ever game, and Dan is notoriously ruthless (this may or may not be a true fact). The others played Pandemic and won, even though that game is notoriously ruthless.

After this we played a bit of Skull. Other Dan won. I think almost everyone was out of cards at the end of the game. There's always such a temptation to bid too high, but it's so satisfying when it pays off. Afterward we joined together to play a ten player game of Mascarade which Philip won. We finished off the night with Eight Minute Empire, with Alex winning as usual.

Power GridThis week I brought Dead Of Winter along. It was with a new group of players so we played the same scenario as last time. The game was not so forgiving this time however and, although we managed to identify and exile the betrayer, we had no chance of completing our the goal. Morale dropped to zero on the final turn of the game.

Dan had brought along Power Grid and that kept him occupied most of the night. I'm not sure who won but from what I hear Adam was ahead for most of the game. I think maybe a little too far ahead, which made him a bit of a target for the other players and he lost his lead towards the end.

The others played a bunch of games; Carcassonne, Fluxx, Skull and No Thanks! A few of us stayed to finish off the night with a couple of games of No Thanks! after Power Grid and Dead of Winter were done.

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