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Monday, 30 March 2015

Tournament Day


We got sixteen people this week, so last week wasn't really the calm before the storm I was expecting. Unless you count the downpour of rain but I was talking about more of a proverbial storm.

King of Tokyo
As promised we started with a King of Tokyo tournament. We has three games going on at once. Everyone played a couple of rounds with their position in each game gaining them a certain amount of points. The five players with the most points played a final, winner takes all game. I personally did terribly, getting only a single point in both of my games. This, unsurprisingly, did not secure me a position in the final. Adam, Andy, Alex, Teacher Dan and Danny all got in but it was Teacher Dan that won that game, winning the tournament. Felixstowe Dan and I did the worst in the whole tournament and had to share our booby prize of a leek, generously provided by Teacher Dan.

Mike and Johnny turned up too late for the tournament and launched into a a game of Medici vs Strozzi which seemed to take them the whole evening.

Medici vs StrozziAfter the tournament I played a game of Biblios. Dan won by a landslide, obtaining three of the five dice. Afterwards we played No Thanks! and Phillip won that one.

The others played Pandemic with the On The Brink expansion and Lost Legacy. Me and Dan finished off the night with Star Realms and I won my first game of the evening, but it was Dan's first ever time playing it so I can't be too smug.

Next Monday is a bank holiday but IpBoG will still be happening. 7:30 start as always.

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