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Monday, 6 April 2015

Cthulhu's Cultists

Cthulhu Wars

Bank holidays are always a strange one for attendees; some of the usual suspects can't make it but conversely some people that aren't usually free on Mondays have some spare free time. All in all we managed to pull together eleven board gamers.

Machi KoroTim is one such guy that is usually busy on a Monday but he came this week armed with Cthulhu Wars. It was a mammoth box, many times the size of a regular game. My understanding is that it also cost many times the price of a regular game. I don't know much about it it except that it's a mini-heavy Kickstarter affair, with some minis so big they can hardly be called miniatures.

I started off with Machi Koro, a game I own but am not overly keen on. This time I didn't mind it too much though. And Gemma won it, obtaining her first ever win at IpBoG.

QuarriorsAfterwards we played Biblios where Gemma and I drew for first place. This was followed by a few games of Skull. Continuing her winning streak, Gemma also won one of those games. We finished off the night with a game of Quarriors. Determined not to let her winning streak continue, I used by best dice rolling skills to win that game.

The others played Dead of Winter. Teacher Dan and Alex both won. Despite his victory, Alex pretty much hated the game.

Don't forget that this Saturday is Tabletop Day. No doubt some IpBoGers will be attending.

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