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Monday, 13 April 2015

Some Sort of Title


Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

Hi, and welcome to some sort of blog post. This week some people came and we played a bunch of games. Pretty much the same as every week.

The Resistance
This time we I started off playing Diskworld: Ankh-Morpork. In this game every player has a hidden role and different roles have different win conditions. You are trying to complete your condition without giving away which role you are, whilst trying to work out other players' roles and stop them from winning. With a lot of the roles, you have to satisfy the condition at the start of your turn. This proves hard when there are a bunch of other players' turns before it comes round to you again. We were about to run out of cards and come to the end of the game. In a last all or nothing attempt to satisfy my conditions I accidentally satisfied Felixstowe Dan's conditions. His turn came directly after mine and having no one between to fix my mistake I won him the game.

Star RealmsWhile this was going on others were playing The Resistance and Bang! Another group were playing Pandemic and, from what I understand, beat it on the medium toughness.

After Diskworld we played a four player game of Star Realms. Teacher Dan got himself an unbeatable combo, playing all the cards in his deck on every turn. He'd gone for the blue faction and was not only dealing about twenty damage on every turn, but also healing himself by twenty every turn too. As is usually the way with unbeatable combos, he ended up beating everyone else and won the game.

Towards the end of the night Danny was going through the rules of Tragedy Looper. The first play through will no doubt come next week.

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