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Monday, 20 April 2015

Japanese Time Travel

Ghost Stories

We got about fifteen people this week, including one new guy who'd met some IpBoGers at the Ipswich Tabletop Day a couple of weeks ago.

Tragedy Looper
Andy had asked me to bring in Ghost Stories to play as he was a fan of co-ops, so bring it in I did. Four of us battled against the underworld to rid the village of ghosts. Half way through the game the board was almost full of ghosts and it looked like all was lost. Somehow we managed to pull through and last out until Wu Feng was revealed. Sacrificing a few qi tokens and using our yin-yang tokens we managed to pull together and defeat the incarnation. I think our luck with the curse die really helped in this game, out of the three rolls all were non-events. One day I'll feel brave enough to attempt it on the normal difficulty.

While we were playing that, Danny was teaching different groups of people to play Tragedy Looper. I think maybe three or four games of it were played.

The others played Citadels but with six players the game dragged as it sometimes does. The full game plays to eight buildings and the short game plays to seven. I think they stopped at six. Citadels can be a great game but it's probably at its greatest with a smaller number of players.

After Ghost Stories I played a game of Sushi Go. Matt won way out in front of anyone else. Others finished off the night  with a few games of Skull and Roses.

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