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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ice Age


With what seems to be a pretty standard number these days, 15 people made it down this week.

Ever since the gushing review from Shut Up & Sit Down, fans of internet based board game reviews everywhere have been over excited about the idea of owning the hard to obtain Arctic Scavengers. After Rio Grande paid some product placement money to get it in the background of Silicon Valley surely this could only mean one thing - a reprint! But then, from nowhere discount copies started appearing in The Works. Like the true fans of internet based board game reviews we are, both Dan and I turned up with a copy this week. We set up our games next to each other and had two games on the go at once. In my game Guru got a quick head start and snowballed into the lead while I was left in the cold, trailing behind in last place. Dan won in his game (I'm all out of snow puns).

The others played a couple of games of King of Tokyo. Cathy won one and Johnny won the other. After we were done we split into two groups. I joined Theo for Triassic Terror. Andy had just acquired the Lords of Waterdeep expansion Scoundrels of Skullport and set that up for his first play through, which he ended up winning.

Triassic Terror is a dinosaur based area control game very similar to El Grande. I think it's safe to say no one really knew what they were doing in the first couple of turns except for maybe Mike who had read the rules in advance (cheating if you ask me!). I certainly didn't have a clue and chose an action where my only real option was to attack Dan. He took it personally and retaliated, attacking me on his go. From there on in the game was divided, Dan and I were just playing to do as much damage to each other as possible. Half way through the game the scores so far are tallied up. Both Dan and I were trailing way behind everyone else, my only goal was to make sure Dan didn't beat me. However, in the second half of the game I somehow managed to claw myself closer to victory and still make sure Dan came last. I didn't quite make the lead, finishing in second place to Mike's first.

There's talk of holding a King of Tokyo tournament in the next week or two along with our standard games. If it happens there will be more details to follow.

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