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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Space Stations


I guess the rain might have driven people away today as only around eight people showed this week. At first there were only seven of us and Andy had bought 7 Wonders so it was the natural starting game. I rarely play with the full complement of seven people. It's quite a different game as you never get to see the cards from a single hand again. One advantage is at least you know which cards you definitely aren't going to get to play. I ended tying with someone (I forget who) for second place. Adam came first. He'd done well with military, beating the player on either side of him every time and then getting a guild card that gave him an extra victory point for every military victory.

Johnny arrived and we split into two groups. I played the first deck builder of the night, Trains. I didn't notice at the time but the random cards we drew included Garage, Wagon Factory and Control Room. These were the same three cards I used in my strategy from last week. Yeah, I guess I could have gone for a different approach but the rest of the cards kinda sucked and I don't really tend to go for the board in a big way, especially when I'm isolated from everyone else which I ended up being in this game. But anyway, I went for the same strategy and won by a hefty margin the same as last week.

The others played a couple of games of Skull & Roses. Craig claimed to be no good at bluffing but managed to win both games. After Trains it was our turn to play a few games of Skull & Roses. I think everyone playing manged to win at least a single game. After Skull the others played Small World. I hear Craig was doing a bit too well and some sort of alliance was set up against him but it was too little too late. Points wise he draw with Johnny but apparently in the case of a draw it comes down to who has the most area which put Craig in the lead.

Last week I'd asked Monkeys With Fire if they were getting Star Realms in any time soon and they said they were away at the moment but would have a single copy the next week (perhaps they were at GenCon?). They said they'd save it for me if I liked and I certainly did like. It arrived earlier this week. I'm pretty into deck builders so it's not that surprising that I'm pretty into this game. Recently I'd been playing the digital version pretty hard. It's mostly a two player game, especially with a single deck, but there are multiplier variations. We adjusted the starting hand and tried out a three player game. Andy started with a strong blob deck (I probably needed to shuffle the deck a little better) and so initially we aimed out attacks towards him, but Cory soon built up a decent federation deck, healing on most turns. My deck was a slow starter but ended up being lean and defensive with a lot of outposts. Towards the end it could have been anyone's game, we were all down to the low teens. Cory was taken out and it was down to the luck of the draw between me and Andy. I was down to about four health but drew a strong hand and managed to take out Andy. I'm sure if I hadn't manged to he would have destroyed me on his next turn.

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