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Thursday, 23 October 2014



Today was a pretty good day at IpBoG, 15 people showed up and David gave me an onion ring!

Betrayal at House on the HillSam arrived with Zombicide and Johnny's new Betrayal at House on the Hill. Johnny arrived a few minutes later after making the trip home from work to pick up Betrayal only to find it wasn't there. Sam and Johnny launched straight into a game of Betrayal. The Craig was the betrayer and the haunt was zombie related, so out came the Zombicide figures onto the Betrayal board. Good prevailed and zombies were defeated. But not for long because straight after Zombicide was set up and played.

New guy Steve brought Food Fight along and that was played by another group follow by Citadels which was won by Dan although he was the only person playing that had played it before.

Five TribesI brought Kingdom Builder and, similarly to Dan, I won at my own game. Next we played Splendor, my second play but it's debut at IpBoG. Phillip won and I came in last. It's been causing waves the last few months and I like the game, but I don't love it like a lot of people seem to. Maybe I'll like it more when I don't suck at it. The final game we played was the new Days of Wonder game Five Tribes. I'd heard mixed reviews about it and when Alex was explaining the rules it all sounded a bit complicated and daunting but after a couple of runs I think we'd all quickly got the hang of it. It turns out the game has a pretty unique mechanic picking up and placing meeples of certain colours which activate certain powers. Still, I did terribly at it and there was another case of the owner winning at their own game with Alex pulling off some pretty impressive moves (if board game moves are able to be impressive) to gain him the victory.

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