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Monday, 19 October 2015

Language Independent

For Sale

When I arrived some people were playing Smash Up. I think this was probably its IpBoG debut. I scurried off to find a table and play an evening of fillers.

Founders of the EmpireI started off this week with The Bloody Inn, a game I'd recently picked up at Essen. At Essen I also picked up the new French version of For Sale from Iello. The updated artwork is pretty great and it's language independent for the most part. There are some French words on the cheques but I'm pretty sure that these are just the word versions of the numbers so that's probably not required, right? We played three games in a row. Alex won all three.

The new game for me was Founders of the Empire, a tile laying game that Alex had recently purchased. It looks like it's maybe Russian because I don't recognise some of the letters on the box but for the most part it's pretty language independent. I think the words on the box are just the title of the game so that's probably not required, right? Dan won. Afterwards I realised that if I'd have used my tokens properly I could have probably won. Or at least drawn. Sometimes I suck at board games.

The Manhattan ProjectStart as you mean to go on, that's a rule I pretty much live my life by and, as such (ignoring the part in the middle where we played other games), we finished off the night with another game of The Bloody Inn.

As usual other people played other games but, as usual, I don't know much about that. Danny played Chinatown again. Tragedy Looper seems to have fallen out of favour for now. I also saw games of The Manhattan Project and Forbidden Desert being played. Or maybe Forbidden Island, I can't tell the difference. Forbidden something, anyway.

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