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Monday, 16 May 2016

Big Trouble In Little China

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

I'm back in the country and back to IpBoG so it's back to regular blogs with pictures. I arrive to find people playing Secret Hitler. It looked like a print and play version. I think it's a Kickstarter that's not been delivered yet but in the mean time print and play versions are taking the board gaming world by storm. As far as I can tell it's a sort of social deduction game à la The Resistance.

ContainerRebecca had asked if I could bring in Takenoko so bring it in I did, but before we played that we played a quick game of Zaney Penguins. I finished off the night with Danny's new deduction game Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. He actually picked this up in Hong Kong where it's called CS Files. Thankfully the components still have English text on them otherwise figuring out the text would have been a deduction game in itself. I've not played Mysterium so I can't really comment but people have been saying it's a bit like Mysterium so maybe it is. It's a fifteen minute game and so never overstays it's welcome but we enjoyed it enough to play four or five games in a row.

Alex brought along Dominion, a game by Catan creator Klaus Teuber, as well as Patronize . Mike brought along Container which made it's IpBoG debut. As this there were a bunch of IpBoG classics: Dominion, Eight Minute Empire and Lords of Waterdeep.

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