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Monday, 8 August 2016

Biweekly Update


Welcome back to what seems to be changing from a weekly update into a biweekly update, And by biweekly I mean every two weeks and not twice a week regardless of what the Oxford English dictionary says (it actually has both definitions, it's a very ambiguous term). I'll try and get back to weekly soon!

Sheriff of NottinghamIn a miraculous tern of events I think I've forgotten almost everything about what went on last week. I'm pretty sure I played Gold West with Alex finishing way ahead of everyone else. We almost defiantly also played Archaeology: The New Expedition and No Thanks! too.

Well, after that monumental failure of memory, on to this week. Hopefully I'll be able to name a couple of games that other people played too. Arctic Scavengers, Choson, Spyfall and Sheriff of Nottingham. Well, there's four, at least. Also Mansion of Madness made its IpBoG debut, some sort of game that looks like Betrayal at House on the Hill but comes with an app. It's probably nothing like Betrayal but going by the name it must be at least a little creepy.

Mansion of Madness
This week I played a bunch of Codenames. My team won every time but we did have an extra person on our team. Is that an advantage in Codenames? I wouldn't think so but the numbers don't lie. Afterwards Gemma beat me a bunch of times at Push Fight, a fun little two player abstract game.

Michael had brought along Islebound, a Kickstart from Ryan Laukat that had arrived that very morning. In this game you sail your boat from port to port, recruiting crew members, conquering island, building cities and ultimately failing to score any points. Or at least that was my experience. Michael's was probably a little different, he won the game easily, scoring pretty much twice as many points as me.

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