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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Are You The Baron?


I should probably start by relieving any unwanted tension and letting you all know that Dan turned up at the correct time this week. Unfortunately, true to form, our ratmen from last week has gone into decline with only 10 attendees this time but a lot of new faces making up the replacement race. Probably forest elves or something. If you've not read last week's blog you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.

We started off with a 9 player game of Mascarade. Matt won by being the cheat. But only as in the character, not by actual cheating. Unless you count being the only person to have an actual game plan cheating. In that case he is guilty of carefully tracking cards while everyone else fumbled around trying to remember who they were while claiming hopelessly that they are in fact the king.

Mike arrived and we split into two groups playing 7 Wonders and Cutthroat Caverns. Mike looked like he was going to win Cutthroat Caverns, racking up a lot of prestige early on but Inka somehow managed to keep almost all her health until the end of the game, finally stealing victory as the only surviving player.

While the others settled into a game of Bruxelles 1893, a worker placement, Art Nouveau themed game, I played a few rounds of Love Letter. Mike had an easy win, gaining more tokens of the princess' affection than the rest of us put together. Matt had some more beginner's luck, going on to win Bruxelles 1893 for his second victory of the night.

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