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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Italian Cowboys


Fourteen people turned up this week, splintering off into three groups. One playing Relic, an updated version of Talisman set in the Warhammer 40k world. In this game there were no winners. Or losers. Mainly because the game lasted such a long time they didn't manage to finish it. A draw perhaps? Perhaps not.

A couple of new faces pitted themselves against Theo in a game of Clash of Cultures, a tech-tree based, civilisation building game. Theo ended up winning, hopefully not putting off the new members too much.

The rest of us embarked on a 7 player game of Citadels. Johnny pulled off a surprise win on his final turn, playing the bell tower, a card which allows a player to end the game with 7 districts instead of 8. Having this card in his initial hand I suspect he was quietly confident throughout the game, although the last time I played Citadels I started with the same card and somehow finished close to last. Johnny, you have truly bested me, Sir.

Staying with the 7 strong group, we donned our ten-gallon hats to play Bang, an Italian game of hidden roles set in the wild west. Revealing my alliance with the outlaws early by shooting at the sheriff I was quickly taken out. It looked like an easy win for the forces of good but Matt was able to dodge most of their shots by hiding behind a barrel and managed to pick off the sheriff for a victory to our team of murderous bandits.

It's bank holiday next week but Cult is open and IpBoG is going ahead. In fact there's talk of starting in the afternoon and making a day of it. I suspect Darren just wants to get a full game of Relic in. If you're interested let us know on Twitter or Facebook and we'll arrange something.

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