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Saturday, 3 May 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation


I was away from IpBoG this week in what is probably considered the home of Euro games; Europe. In my absence Mike volunteered to write a few words and take a few pictures:

Last night was a quiet one.  I arrived just before 9pm and joined Dan, Matt, David, Adam and Andy who were wrapping up a game of 7 Wonders.  I rarely hear negative things about this game and tonight was no exception - I only regret that I could not have joined them.  I cannot remember who called victory - Dan or Matt - but pictured here is the position at the end.

Next up I persuaded everyone to try one of my new acquisitions - Paris Connection.  This is the most simple abstraction of the 18xx theme which I have been able to find and it plays in 30 minutes - even with six players.  I pulled of a sneaky win the first time around, but Dan and Matt's yellow cartel fended off all opposition in the second game.

Finally, Elder Sign was the closing game, and Yog Sothoth was the Great Old One whose slumber we were daring to disturb.  It was my first attempt to play this game, and I was delighted to have drawn the well balanced Mandy Thompson.  (Well balanced in health and sanity, of course, not necessarily in physical form...)  Sadly, the gaming world caved in when last orders in the "real world" was called, but by this stage we were two thirds of the way towards victory without anyone having suffered any physical or mental debilitation.  Or, so I thought, until the voices started again, as I lay awake in bed afterwards, under a waning gibbous moon, trying feebly to banish the night's unspoken horrors from my mind...

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