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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Yet More Bank Holiday Board Games


Bank holidays tend to be a slow day for board gaming and today was no different. Just the usual 7:30 start this time though. With Darren defecting to NoBoG, there were just seven attendees this week plus a fleeting visit from Theo and his friend.

We started off playing Firefly: The Game, not to be confused with Firefly: The TV Show. Or maybe Serenity: The Movie of Firefly: The TV Show. I saw the film once a long time ago but never watched the TV show. The in game quotes and references were lost on me. Still a fine pick up and deliver style game. We had to end the game a turn before what would have surely been the last as newcomer Sam had to leave, but unless the space gods really took a disliking to him, there was no way he couldn't have won.

The other table played Pandemic. After the notoriously hard Ghost Stories I thought Pandemic would have been a walk in the park for Matt but after curing three diseases, the stack of player cards was exhausted, losing them the game. After this they played the IpBoG favourite 7 Wonders. Matt won with his blue victory point card and green research card strategy.

This left us with half an hour and those that were left got in a couple of games of the hugely popular social deduction game, The Resistance. Both times the majority of missions were sabotaged by the imperial spies, meaning victory for the Empire.

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