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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Go Big or Go Home


11 people made it down this week. The company I work for has a Kiev branch and the guys from there were visiting our office. A few of them are avid board gamers and came along to see how the Ipswich guys do it.

Well, very similarly it turns out as we started off with The Resistance, a game they were already familiar with. With its roots in the Russian game of Werewolf it's not too surprising. The first game was won by the resistance. In the second game the leaders of the first three rounds were all spies. The resistance never stood a chance. The third game was won by the resistance.

During The Resistance a few new faces turned up so we played Mascarade, a game that will play up to 12 people, to get everyone involved. This game relies on memory and thrives on the chaos caused by large player counts. One of our Ukrainian visitors, Denis, won after following the cheat round the table and using his power to win with just ten coins.

After this we split into two groups. I played 7 Wonders with a couple of the new attendees. We were all sure Ed was going to win, going for a heavy research approach but on the last round I managed to play some good guild cards racking me up enough points to take the lead.

The others played King of Tokyo. It looked like it was a lost cause when newcomer Cathy (I might have got your name wrong, I'm so sorry!) decided to go big, rolling for a one in a million combination (actually, I think I was told it was 2 in 46656). It paid off, winning her the game. The final game of the night was a quick game of Fluxx with another win for Cathy.

And then we went home.

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