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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Clockwork Zeppelins


Almost every week Dan's been bringing City of Iron but it's never got to the table. In his own admission, it's his dirty little steam punk secret. This week however, it finally got played. It's a monster of a game, sprawling out across the whole table. Theo ended up winning by a landslide, presumably by building the most clockwork zeppelins or something.

I jumped into a quick game of Star Fluxx, which is perhaps the best of all the Fluxx spin offs but still ultimately still just Fluxx. Some cards were drawn, some rules were changed, all of a sudden somebody won.

More people turned up and I splintered off to play Seasons with the late arrivals while the others played Bang followed by a few games of The Resistance.

I'd been wanting to try Seasons for a long time. Through most of the game I had no idea if what I was doing was good or bad. Everyone was being shunted up and down the score track although I seemed to be being shunted down a little more often than my opponents. At the end of the game extra points are awarded for the cards played previously and I somehow manged to get myself a surprise lead miraculously winning the game.

We finished just as City of Iron was coming to an end. Those of us that were left fitted in a couple of games of Coup before closing time. I don't know who won but it certainly wasn't me.

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