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Monday, 19 January 2015

Anti Humanitarians


I think in total we had thirteen people this week. A sharp drop from the dizzy heights of the previous week but still respectable all the same.

Zeppelin Attack
I started off with Skull and did pretty badly. Player elimination is usually quite rare but I was the first to be taken out followed soon after by a couple more. After the first game James arrived having heard about IpBoG from Mike when attending the Colchester Board Game Club, and joined us for a second game. Again player elimination ensued but someone ended up winning. It was a few days ago now and I've forgotten who. Please accept my deepest apologies and a promise to try harder next time.

Philip had brought a newly purchased copy of Forbidden Desert (unless it turns out to be Forbidden Island, I've not played either so they both merge into the same game in my head) and Dan, owning the game himself, offered to show them how to play it. And by show them, I mean show them how to lose.

After Skull I played a couple of games of Biblios. After getting a stern telling off for getting the card distributions the wrong way around when I was explaining how to play, I won the first game. The second game was won by someone that wan't me. Yeah, I remember my own wins, what of it?

The usual group that had been turning up recently to play cards against humanity didn't show up this week. Still, it got some play this week by another group along with Fluxx. Zepplin Attack also got some table time.

I ended the night with Quantum. Last time I played this with Mike, I won with Mike barely being able to place a cube. This time the tables were turned with me not being able to score and Mike storming ahead to a quick victory. He'd built himself an almost unbeatable combination of command cards.

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