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Monday, 26 January 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean

Get Bit!

We got a low turnout this week with just ten people. Surely this is the calm before the storm and next week we'll hit the mythical twenty one.

Eight Minute EmpireI started off with a couple of games of Biblios, winning the first and getting beaten by Alex in the second. We followed this with Eight Minute Empire. I went hard on carats. At least, as hard as I could. Dan seemed to be doing his best to keep them for himself. Alex earned himself his second win of the evening.

While we were playing these the others played Dixit and Get Bit! Both their first showing at IpBoG. They followed this up with Skull, a game that seems to be having a bit of a renaissance here recently.

Previously Alex brought Libertalia along for me to try but I ended up having to teach a game to some newcomers, so it was played without me. Only a few months later, Alex got round to bringing it again, finally making good on his promise. I started off well in the first couple of rounds, leading the game. My final round however was not so good, I played my highest value card, wanting to get first pick of the booty and not paying attention to the action I would have to take. I ended up coming last with Cath sailing into the lead for the win.

The others finished up the night with the classic co-op, Pandemic and saved the world once again, much to the jealousy of Cath, who is still yet to beat the game.

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