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Monday, 1 February 2016

Terra Mystic-agh!

Terra Mystica

It was a good turnout this week. As if last week's blog was a premonition, this week we breached the 20 people mark. I think there were 22 in total. Its not record breaking but its pretty close.

The Downfall of Pompeii
As you may have guessed form the title of this post my entire night was filled up with Terra Mystica. David has been promising to teach me Terra Mystica for probably over a year but whenever he brings it I seem to be tied up teaching a game. This time I was resolved to playing it so play it I did. It's well knows the be one of the best of the euro style games and it didn't disappoint. The first few rounds plodded along but the turns progressed my stress levels increased. Trying to optimise your turns on the final round can be an logistical nightmare. I was sure I was going to come in second with David wining but after the final scoring, although David was ahead of me by a single point Johnny had beaten David by two points. It was a tight finish.

Cath brought along The Downfall of Pompeii. The game comes with what looks like a fully functioning volcano. Unfortunately it's actually a fully non-functioning volcano. William did his best to avoid being preserved in an ash sarcophagus and won the game.

Through the Desert
Laurence brought Betrayal at House on the Hill. It was some sort of treasure hunt scenario I think. The took a long time, over two hours, but Joanne finally won. They finished off the night with a few games of Spyfall.

Alex started off the night with Founders of the Empire. After that Mike turned up with Danny's copy of Chinatown. I'm pretty sure it was all legitimate and Danny had lent it to Mike, nothing untoward. That was played and Dan won. In classic Mike style Mike had brought along a classic. This time it Through the Desert, a game from Reiner Knizia's tile-laying trilogy. That's actually a thing, I guess that proves just how much of a classic it is. The other two games in the trilogy are  Samurai, which Mike brought a few weeks ago, and Tigris & Euphrates, which he'll no doubt bring in a few weeks time.

I also saw some Machi Korro being played and no doubt some other games were played that Iv'e missed. I left while Through the Desert was in full swing and a few others were starting a game of Resistance. My brain was too fried from Terra Mystica for any more board gaming that night though.

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