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Monday, 29 February 2016

The Crutch of the Matter

Forbidden Island

First things first, we got 23 people this week. I'm pretty sure that's record breaking. Let's see if we can keep it up! Second things second, Mike made his triumphant return to IpBoG, albeit on crutches. Some sort of incident involving his son's scooter and a misplaced sense of youth. Probably best not to ask.

Stone AgeWe took over a lot of tables this week, snaking our way across Cult.  One table I think spent the whole night playing the worker placement classic Stone Age which made it's IpBoG debut this week. Another table played Mysterium followed by Ca$h 'n Gun$.

Danny was back to playing the mastermind in Tragedy Looper. He lost on the last turn, still unable to claw in his first victory in that game. Afterwards another game was played where he was tutoring Johnny on how to play as the mastermind followed by a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill.

I started off the evening with Kingdom Builder. I'm pleased to say that I came first in both games beating Matt twice. He often beats me at that game and after my terrible losses last week it was nice to have some wins under my belt.

RoyalsAfterwards we played The Bloody Inn. I think Matt came first in that one. We also played a couple of games of Forbidden Island. We lost the first game in the first couple of rounds but managed to beat it the second time round. We spent the rest of the night playing a few games of No Thanks!

The Felixstowe guys played a couple of games of For Sale before Mike turned up. Mike had brought with him his new acquisition Royals, a game from 2004. I was shocked, this wasn't a classic euro, but Mike assured me it was actually a reimplementation of an older game, Heads of State. After they were done with that they finished off the night with a few more games of For Sale.

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