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Monday, 7 March 2016

Dee Un Dee

Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game

Twenty two people this week. One down from last week! There were a lot of games making their IpBoG debut appearances.

MythotopiaI turned up this week to find people already mid-game. One table were playing the game with the longest name I've ever heard Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game. Although it bears the name of the RPG, it it's more of a standard dungeon crawl than a role playing game.

I brought Mythotopia, the game with probably the most generic name in board gaming. It's pretty much a multiplayer re-implementation of the Martin Wallace game A Few Acres of Snow which is conversely the game with probably the least generic name in board gaming. It was my first time playing it and the rules are a but fiddly. It ended up taking us the whole night and we didn't get to the end. It's probably our fault more than the game's. We let Dan have the honorary win because he was winning throughout most of the game although Alex was hot on his tail towards the end.

Friese's Landlord
Joe won at Quantum but Joe always wins at Quantum. In what can only be described as a strange attempt to prove me right, Mike brought Friese's Landlord, a recent re-implementation of Landlord! the first Friedemann Friese game to ever be published back in 1992. Rhino Hero, the dexterity game for kids that's also enjoyed by adults, also made it's debut this week.

People also played Star Realms, Light Line, Chinatown, Machi Koro and almost defiantly a bunch of other games that I didn't see.

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